Development guidelines
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Our GitHub source is a monorepo containing this docs app and the React library. The README should include any relevant tips for running the project locally and working on it. Please feel free to

Strum Design System is the personal component library for Colin Hemphill, a front end dev in Austin, TX. I cannot guarantee any availability to work on this project, but you are welcome to post issues or make pull requests and I'll try to get to it if I can.

git clone
cd strum
pnpm i
pnpm dev

Open-source acknowledgments
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This vanity project was made possible by lots of great open-source software:

I regret to inform you that my architecture is largely based on degen, the design system for some Web3 nonsense. Although most of my components were built from scratch, I forked from degen and still rely on much of their tech design for base styles, atoms, and documentation. They're doing great work for the wrong cause.